The Power Series: Feelings


Feelings are our wise indicators of what is happening inside. Are you listening?

Feelings. For so many of us, most feelings are wildly uncomfortable. We're good with joy, but shame, fear, sadness, anger? Not really most people's cup of tea.

Fortunately, there is a reason our humanity gives us this feature of a full range of emotions and feelingsā€¦ because they are our human engine lights. They are indicators just like on your car telling you something needs attention.

Unfortunately, we are ego run templates that often try to bypass discomfort so we do our best to throw our emotions out with addictions and distractions. We miss the messages and then wonder why we are so disconnected from our own intuition.

The feelings are our intuitive force. When we ignore them, we disconnect from our knowing.

Feelings can:

  • Become familiar enough that we don't run from them, but to them for inner wisdom
  • Tell us where our inner conflict is
  • Show us where our judgments and integrity is
  • Enrich our lives when we understand their triggers
  • Help us connect to more self-compassion

First, we have to start allowing them to show up and tell us about us.

Join us in a one-hour free workshop to discuss:

  • How we tap into feelings even if we've felt numb for a while
  • What we do when feelings are overwhelming
  • The ways we uncover the wisdom under the feelings
  • Using our feelings as intuitive guides
  • Having feelings WITHOUT judgments, stories, criticism


February 17 | 9 am OR 4 pm Pacific / 12 pm or 7 pm Eastern

You'll get information for both times. Come join us for one (or both).


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