The Power Series: Thoughts

Thoughts have more power than you think. Choose them wisely.

Are your thoughts distracting, negative or judgmental?
Does it seem like a recording of negative thoughts goes wild even before you are conscious of it?
Ever wonder if they are true, or if they are just thoughts?

Thoughts are not data.

Let me repeat that for those in the back:

If you've been torturing yourself, or maybe just holding yourself back, because your thoughts are intimidating you, I want you to know you have more power and intelligence than that. You have the power to manage your thoughts… which let me tell you can completely change the game of life. It's the most effective change we can make to our productivity, our connection in relationships, and especially, how we show up in the world.

Thoughts can:

  • Block you from getting what you truly want
  • Sabotage your best efforts
  • Make you believe and even feel like you can't, won't, or shouldn't
  • Create conflict that makes you want to give up
  • Create our reality

They can also:

  • Inspire us
  • Motivate us
  • Help us dream bigger
  • Find ways we can
  • Analyze & create solutions

It's our choice.

Come find out more in this free 1-hour workshop to talk about how we can easily tweak our thoughts to focus on what will help us get where we want, rather than hold us back.

In one hour, we'll:

  • Discuss how thoughts come to be
  • Analyze why they get skewed
  • Find out where judgment and criticism come in
  • Visualize how to VALIDate feelings


January 20 | 9 am OR 4 pm Pacific / 12 pm or 7 pm Eastern

You'll get information for both times. Come join us for one (or both).


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