Tools for Grounding and Centering in your Heart

What if you could instantly center yourself?

Would that help your holidays?

Less than a workshop, more of an quick, how-to video, this mini-workshop is going to walk you through the Heart Centering Practice from Danielle LaPorte that I use every day (usually more than once).

This is the tool in less than 30 minutes you’ll even have it memorized. You know how I love practical, quick-to-learn tools. I’m simple and easily distracted. If that’s you, this practice is going to help you this holiday and into the new year!

So sign up for this super-quick video and connect with me before the end of the year and we’ll get into our heart space together. I’d love the connection and you’ll love this quick, super-simple technique you can use anywhere, anytime.

Start your holiday right and get centered first!

December 22 at 2 pm MST/4 pm EST!

(Yes, it will be recorded. However, I highly recommend you come live because there’s prizes which are bound to be extra abundant with the holiday and all.)

Register below!