Falling into the Feminine


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Today I want to talk about divine feminine energy. I don't think I understood it until that last few years and it's still unfolding for me. I've asked myself all kinds of questions about this. I've looked at a lot of the judgments I have about feminine energy and why. However, what I've experienced in the feminine leaves me craving more.

There's myths or lies we are told about feminine qualities in the world. Fallacies told with good intention for survival, safety or some other fear-based trigger. The problem is they are rarely questioned because they are practical, or often proven to solve the problem. That doesn't mean it's the best way, or the best way for everyone. Here's the thing - sometimes these work and there's a harmony to the push and pull to things. We need both for balance, joy, and purpose.

What are these myths? Here's a few:

Your value is equal to your output.

The biggest lie I was ever told. Not only can you work hard and not get rewarded, it doesn't even matter. You are valuable just being who you are. One of my favorite quotes of true feminine attitude: "Please remember, it is who you are that heals, not what you know." (Carl Jung) You are worthy and valuable according to the feminine - without earning it, just by doing what you are called to do.

You have to give 110%… (than everyone else, in order to survive, to the best - whatever the excuse).

I also heard I had to work twice as hard as men to get as much as them. Sometimes we don't have 200% or 110% to give. Spreading these expectations creates the illusion that we are failing when we are truly just expecting too much. While I get the point is to get people driven and focused, if the feminine is curious and inspired, she will give all to whatever she is working on. So the goal could be to find the inspiration in things rather than just putting on our big girl pants and forcing ourselves to exhaustion.

The practical, unemotional choice is the right one. Feelings don't matter, data does.

Intuition has saved many a people. Gut instinct, emotion which connects to inspiration, spiritual guidance are all considered impractical for many people. They go with the facts and only the facts. It often means sacrificing joy, ease, flow. Our feelings are important. I have a feeling they are going to find out that unconsciously they know something we don't have at the surface of our thoughts. I've learned this one way too many times and found myself resentful and jealous over other people who did what they felt instead of what was practical. Again, there's a balance or harmony between our emotion and what's practical, but we will live a pretty boring life just sticking with the data.

There's a right way to do everything.

It came as a big surprise to me to realize this wasn't true. I grew up thinking there was only one right way to do anything. Everything had to be done with that practical common sense and in my house - there was only one way to accomplish it- however mom said it was to be done. I had no idea that other people found equally great ways of doing things or ways that did not even end with the results I thought were 'right'. And guess what? The world still turns. Make up your own right way. Innovation comes from creativity, questioning the common ways and trying new things. Innovation is actually feminine. Do what works in life for you and don't always worry about the 'right way'.

Crush your goals. F*ck fear.

It's aggressive language, yeah? I challenge the opposite. Love on your goals. Speak to them about your desires and pleasure. Find pleasure on the way to the goal so you enjoy the journey which is like 99% of the whole. Love your fear. Listen to it and then use your inner Sovereign archetype to decide what is a true fear, and what is just stories. Nothing ever went away just because we ignored it. Love it. Find out what it is saying and then move forward with flow.

Of course I could go on and on. I'd love to hear what truths no longer fit for you that you might have been carrying. What have you given up or decided didn't work for you? Email me with it!

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