Content is king… or queen, whatever you think is more appropriate. Once you start looking at when you want to post and what types of messages you want to offer, you’ll need lots of content to fill that calendar.

So where do we get content?

There are two basic ways of getting content. You can create your own or share it.

Make your own

social-calendar-2There are many types of content you could create or write to share.

  • Your own blog posts.
  • Share a short story with some point or tip, usually with an image.
  • Create your own meme or image with a quote with a free tool like
  • Short video content or Facebook Live if you are brave.
  • Have a themed day: Tuesday Tips where you offer a weekly tip. Wednesday Wisdom where someone could ask anything on a thread and you’ll answer it.
  • Have a weekly/monthly contest of some type to increase engagement.

Focus on what feels good to you and your audience would be interested in. If you absolutely hate video and it shows on video, your audience will probably not be interested even if they like video. Maybe writing takes you a long time, but recording a video works great for you – then do that. Build a plan for content that feels authentic to you and doesn’t feel like detention for you. This should shine a light on your gifts and services, not send you into your shamed inner child.

Curate & share

You could try to fill your own content calendar alone, but there are reasons you’ll want to share other people’s content too!

  • You’ll look like you know the experts and respect them.
  • If you repost an article from an influencer in your arena, they are likely to start noticing you.
  • You can offer your thoughts on someone else’s article, or even additional tips that weren’t discussed. Keep it positive though – we don’t want to tear up someone else because it doesn’t leave a good impression and it feels icky to the reader.
  • Offering other people’s content creates balance where it isn’t all about you.
  • Often people will start sharing your relevant content as well.

So there’s a balance to the content you want to offer.

Offer your content during your highest traffic times and days. You can check this on Facebook in the insights on your page. It should offer the times and days that your audience is most often online. Then used the shared content on the less busy times – likely the weekend depending on your audience. Fill the calendar in the busy times first with the content you have to offer and then fill in the other spots with influencer shares.

**One note about curating content**

I create a gmail address strictly for my social media. This way, I don’t have tons of these messages clogging up my main email address. I can also use this email address for all the sign-ups and subscriptions to content I may want to share. Then I have one nifty place to go to in order to fill the empty spots on my calendar (and it ain’t all in my business inbox).

**One MORE note about curating content**

onenoteI use Microsoft OneNote for everything. Everything. All of my clients get a shared OneNote from me and we incorporate just about everything from there. I also have a page for every month of social media planning. Often I will just grab a link and stick it on the page for when I am actually planning that calendar. It’s all synced to the cloud too so should your hard drive quit – it will all come back!

Places I go for content:

YouTube: The great thing about having a gmail address is that it automatically registers to YouTube, so I can subscribe to channels I might share content from and whenever I am logged in with my social email, all the newest videos are there on my YouTube home screen.

Facebook: I do my scheduling as much as a month ahead so during the month, I’ll hit save on those posts and links that I think are relevant. Then when I go to fill my calendar, poof it’s there. – share images that are there.  A couple notes: don’t save and then upload others’ images – this is illegal unless you have permission. You can share it to your page – they love that.

Online blogs & influencers you dig: have them send their updates right to your social email and you’ll have plenty of content to choose from – plus you can unsubscribe them from your regular inbox. Spend an hour looking for online influencer content and find out how to get it all to your inbox. – type that in your URL bar and you can create a daily paper around the keywords you use. Tons of content already curated for you and sent right to your inbox.

Google search for new sources: Google what you do or practice – you are bound to find some sites that offer news on it. Have their newsletters or blog posts sent to your inbox.

You can also use all the curated content to come up with ideas for your own crafted content. Let the most trending ideas unfold in a way that you can add to the conversation.

Where do you get your content? Share your ideas with me below – I would love to hear them!

Filling the social content calendar
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