Funnel marketing doesn’t have to mean daily irritation to other people’s inbox.

There’s a lot of talk about funnels – I talk about them a lot. The problem is the term is freaking a lot of soulful – ‘I went into business to serve not annoy’ entrepreneurs. I’d like a chance to turn around that point of view.

Funnels can be a fun adventure for your client. They can be valuable to them and often offer a varied price break so that you can serve them at the level they are willing or able to commit. A great funnel doesn’t feel salesy – it feels like a natural progression of things.

Like a relationship. Sure you may find a few unicorn relationships (or clients) that show up and sweep you off your feet, but more than not there’s a natural progression. You meet. You date. You get to know one another. You fall in love. You get married. A funnel is what woos your clients to buy without asking them to marry you before they know who you are.

So let your customers date you a while. Love them with value they want and offer them services and products they need.

However, you don’t have to implode their inbox. You don’t have to do things that feel slimy to you. This won’t attract them and you won’t feel good about what you do.

If you’re struggling with a feel-good funnel, contact me and let’s get together and hash it out together. Contact me.

Funnel Marketing doesn’t have to feel Icky

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