I know when a trend really takes hold when people start running from it. I work with spiritual, service-focused entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches and often I hear, “I don’t want to create a funnel – it seems so salesy”.

But the truth is – you are doing funnel marketing already. You are looking through a large audience for your ideal clients that will pay you. That’s funnel marketing whether you call it by this name or not.

The truth is, the funnel marketing templates that everyone offers are just suggestions. True there are people saying they found the way that leads to success, but every business is different and there are a million ways there. Some people don’t collect email addresses or email at all, some people don’t advertise, some people don’t participate in social channels they don’t relate to. These are all fine as long as you know how it is you do get to your audience in other ways. There is no right way, just the way you choose – so choose what you enjoy the most.

To get a true understanding of what a funnel is and what it is meant to do, check out this short video below.

Have questions about a funnel? Email me. Want to build one customized for you and attracts your tribe? I’d love to work with you. Contact me.

Funnel Marketing is a New Name for What You are Doing
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