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Look no further! Christina Smith specializes in dynamic workshops designed to bring about positive change, foster personal growth, and enhance well-being all aimed at creating more confidence in women.

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Core offerings:


Body-Mind Balance: A Workshop for Calming and Inner Connection

Join us on this journey of Somatic Harmony, and rediscover the serenity that arises when you align with the wisdom that resides within. Embrace a path towards greater self-awareness, balance, and the profound calmness that comes from harmonizing with your innermost being.


Confidence Catalyst: Elevating Personal Connections in Midlife

Did you know the most asked questions from midlife women are about friendships? They want to build, transform, and improve the connections they have and I want that for them too. Empower your audience with strategies to enrich all their personal connections and boost confidence during the transformative midlife phase.


People-Pleasing Detox: Strategies for Stepping into Your Confident Self

Help your clients or community break free from people-pleasing habits and cultivate genuine confidence through transformative strategies. Let's uncover why you are so entangled in pleasing others instead of yourself and see if we can shift some beliefs so you truly feel good about your connections with others and get more of what you give. 


Navigating the Midlife Maze: Building Unshakeable Confidence

Equip your clients with tools to navigate life's transitions, fostering confidence and shifting the way we look at midlife. If they haven't built their confidence by midlife or it's been shaken up by the changes in midlife, this event will help your clients tune into the simple tools of the practice of confidence so they can create the life they want without allowing fear to take over.


Mindful Leadership: Cultivating Presence and Effectiveness

Elevate leadership skills with mindfulness techniques that enhance focus, decision-making, and team collaboration. Many women hesitate to step into leadership - usually because they question their skills. We'll cover the big, bad, and scary of being a leader and the skills that make great leaders, well, great. 

Why Choose Christina's Workshops:

- Expert Facilitator: Christina has been teaching and coaching on confidence for over 10 years! She has solid formulas and tools to help anyone feel more confident in their lives, relationships and the world. Learn more about Christina here.

- Interactive Engagement: Christina prioritizes participant engagement through interactive activities, discussions, and real-life applications.

- Tailored Content: Each workshop is crafted to address the unique needs of your audience, creating a personalized and meaningful experience.

How to Get Started:

  1. Customization: Choose a workshop that aligns with your group's or clients' needs. Then, Christina will meet with you to talk about the length, how to best customize for your clients, and how long or deep of an event you'd prefer. Meaning - you'll create it together to make it perfect for your peeps so you can ensure you are offering nothing but value.
  2. Scheduling: You'll select a convenient date and time for the workshop.
  3. Delivery Options: Opt for in-person or virtual workshops for flexibility.
  4. Post-Workshop Support: Access additional resources and support for continued growth.

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