Intentional Living:

Half-day Workshop to get clear &
create a life in alignment with what you want

Special Invite!

If you are seeing this, you've been specially invited to this small group event.

The intentions for this program are: connection, clarity, and a new perspective on how we move through 2023 feeling good about how we show up.

This is for you if...

--You aren't really into  new year resolutions


--You need a day for you to tune within and find you and what's important to you again


--You've had a rough year and want to review it with clear perspective


--You want to ensure you are going to show up the way you want in 2023


--You want to connect with some pretty awesome women


I have the tools! Come join us!

I usually offer this to current clients only.

I've allowed them to invite some special people for a very special price!

The limit is 18, so grab your seat now!

A special price for special people...

My half-day sessions usually run between $149 - $399.


Since you're important to someone I know, you're important to me. 


Sign up for only $65!

About Me, Christina Smith:

I help women build authentic confidence so they can finally really like themselves.

When we have true clarity, we see ourselves and our lives completely differently. 


That's where I come in. I help women find the truly important things to focus on and feel good about how they approach their journeys. 


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