How to Soften into the Heart-Center


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One of the hardest things for me being a working mom was traveling home and doing my best to get into a heart-centered, loving space without bringing the work-warrior (and worrier) with me. I admittedly failed often (and still sometimes do since my transition is a matter of steps now). Some of us have a harder time compartmentalizing our different roles and energies. That's not a bad thing either too much compartmentalizing can mean we don't unpack those boxes of emotion and what's in them gets rotten and start rotting other boxes that are perfectly healthy.

We need to deal with our energies in a good way. In a gentle way. No shaming option. Just love.

Shifting energy like this - from a place of kindness and compassion - can take some skills and different ones depending on the energy you want to shift to and what you are coming from. Today, we'll talk about how we shift into a more present, heart-centered space. This one skill helps me almost every time.

This is a technique my visualization participants will probably know well because I use it in just about every one of my visualizations that require some heart-centeredness, which is most of them.

Heart-Centered Breathing

You can use a lot of creativity with this technique, so I'm sharing the one I use with visualizations to comfort, soften and transport us, with some thoughts on customization.

Before you begin: ground yourself. I like to have my feet or butt on the ground, close my eyes and visualize each breath.

First, we start with three deep regular breaths to clear distractions, tension, or discomfort from our minds. Breathing into expansion and breathing out anything taking you away from this moment.

For heart-centered breathing, we're going to imagine that the air is coming directly in and out of our heart space. So rather than feeling and focusing on the air that comes through our nose and throat, we imagine the in-breath filling our heart-space directly, even expanding it. On the out-breath, I invite you to see a bright, white cloud of love and light. Keep repeating that feeling your chest expand a little more on each in-breath and the cloud getting thicker all around you as you breathe out.

Keep doing this breathing until the cloud is embracing you, holding you safely.

  • Feel free to be in this cloud for a while. Feel the comfort and safety and softness of this space and allow it to soften you.
  • You can also go into your own visualization, thinking about an ideal place and taking in all the senses of that place.
  • You can also bring in archetypes or spiritual energies to connect to wisdom, love, beauty - whatever you need.
  • You can also see yourself throwing any energy or thoughts out of your cloud that you no longer want to carry in this moment

You may find that you don't even need a visualization, that just touching base with that heart-center with your breathing is enough to bring you out of your head and into your more peaceful, open-hearted energy.

Regardless of how you move through this, notice that as soon as you consciously choose to return your breathing to normal that the cloud dissapates and you are back in your present.

Try it. Notice how you feel before, how long you took to center and how you felt after. Positive changes often go unnoticed if we don't bring our attention to them and little changes make huge improvements.

Do it for you now.


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