A few weeks ago I offered to do free marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. It’s something I like to do to give back. It also teaches me a lot about how people see marketing in their business. I came across several people who had no answer when I asked what email system they use. Several didn’t have one and a couple that had them, don’t use them. Although they were disheartened by the results of their launches, I was in awe that they sold anything without a list.

Repeat this to yourself,
“the money in is the list. The money is in the list. The money is in the list.”

If you aren’t collecting people on an email list, you might as well be throwing back all the fish you catch and go home hungry and empty-handed. If people are clicking on your content – they are interested in what you have to say. You don’t want to have to go looking for those peeps again when you can catch them right now and take them with you.

One note: You don’t have to be one of those marketers that send an email everyday – I find those rather annoying too. You do however, want to offer lots of value for free. The quickest way to get people to opt out of your list is to constantly sell them something without offering them value they can use.

Some of the tools to look into for inexpensive (or free) email services:


Mailchimp is great because it connects to just about everything. It is free up to 500 subscribers. The smallest plan starts at $10 per month and offers automation emails (drip campaigns). It’s easy to use and there are a ton of templates for different types of emails or you can develop your own.


Mailerlite is probably my most favorite at this time. It is free up to 1000 subscribers and offers free automation and free LANDING PAGES. That’s right – not just an opt in box but an entire landing page that is flexible and customizable. It’s automation also feels a little easier to use than Mailchimp and is a little more intuitive.

Whatever service you use, just use it. You want people to be able to sign up from anywhere – your website, your social media pages and even your email signature.

What to step it up? Create a free downloadable goodie they can receive for giving their email address. Give them some value to convince them to share their email.

Need a plan? Let’s chat. Contact me.

Need the fundamentals before you dive in? They are here.

If you got no list, you got no business.
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