Falling into Self-Compassion


Get inspired to be kind to you so you can show up as you truly want to.

Shaming and being mean to ourselves is not going to make us better, more productive or work harder.

You know what does?
Authentic Self-Compassion.

At this online gathering:

If you are feeling:

  • Defeated because your resolutions are off-track...
  • Exhausted from trying to get the never-ending list of to-dos done...
  • Self-critical because you just can't stop that negative inner talk track...
  • Sick of your own sh*t and just want to move forward without the resistance...
  • Like you have no gifts or magic left...

...join us for connection, sharing and support.

Special Message From Christina

Self-Compassion is possible even if you feel real resistance to it. 


If you want to be kinder to yourself without losing the motivation to do the hard things, I want to inspire you to be kind to you


Make the choice to fall into self-compassion and take advantage of these 4th week classes while they are free!




What IF:

  • Being more compassionate to yourself actually created more confidence?
  • You don't need to shame yourself or be mean in order to get the hard stuff done?
  • Embracing compassion for yourself helped you tune into your own intuitive inner voice?
  • You felt more grounded and whole and could put down the resistance to being good to you?

That's what we'll explore!