Life Coach Near Me: Online and Phoenix-Metro

Coaching can be the push you need...

Don't worry, it's a gentle push.

Working with someone one-on-one is no small commitment. I know you have choices so I focus on finding the right tools that have the greatest impact. My focus is on helping you find your own power in your life -- and you have it -- we just need to uncover it or pick it up from where you left it. I don't change your life - you do. I offer tools for you to see more of your own gifts, gold, and wisdom. I know you have it because you made it here, to this page. You want to empower yourself. I want to offer you the ways to get there.

Coaching Programs

While all my coaching tools get intermixed so I can offer you exactly what is divinely needed, each program has a focus and a recommended timeframe.

Personal Empowerment Life Coaching

If you feel like you struggle with making decisions, knowing what to do next or how to get past blocks, let look at them together.

Desire Map Mentoring

How do you really want to feel? Knowing the answer can change the way you live your life if you align yourself with your heart.

Coaching for Personal Power in Relationships

If you feel like you struggle in relationships in general, or with a specific relationship, let's work on sharpening those skills.

Fire Starter Sessions

Want to start a business or make a huge change to follow what you most desire? This will take all the blocks stopping you.

Personal Visualization Sessions

Visualizations provide a doorway to our unconscious. Explore more of you with customized, intuitive guided journeys.

Not sure which program is right for you?

No worries. Set up a free call with me and let's discuss what you need. I can make a recommendation or even customize a program specifically for you.

If you are ready to break through survival mode and step into THRIVING, you're in the right place.

Whether you want to dive deep into your own desires, learn to leave the survival drama behind or just want to be excited about life again, coaching can support your transition into more...

More life. More energy. More desire. More passion. More purpose. More connection.

Who doesn't want that?

What's better is that I'm a life coach near you - online or in Maricopa or Pinal Counties in AZ.

Thrive in every area of your life.

thrive: to FLOURISH, to PROSPER

All of my Coaching Programs include:

Email access to me at any time!

Have a question or struggle with a tool? No worries. I'm here to redirect between sessions.

Discounts on my Group Classes

You get credit for all your hard worj with some great discounts to all my live courses.

Unlimited Access to Inviting Shift Online School

All the programs you want to take - even the new ones that come out!

Sliding Scale

When I needed the most support I couldn't afford it. I understand and want to help. Contact me for sliding scale pricing. 

Are you feeling as though:

  • Life is boring. Wake up, check off the list, go to sleep, repeat.  (Let's get some excitement brewing!)
  • You are angry, frustrated, or lonely too often? Or maybe you want to step into more joy and just don't know-how. (We'll figure it out - think confetti and unlimited energy and desire to dance it out.)
  • You want to cry on the way to work? I know that one too. (Let's get you excited for your daily purpose!)
  • You are attracting the wrong intimate connections? (We'll find what you really want to attract and how to get the partner that will compliment you.)
  • You are falling 'out of love' or feeling stale in your relationship? (You can change your relationship - even without the other person necessarily knowing you're doing anything.)
  • Making a change or challenging transition.  (Whether it's a natural rite or passage or something unexpected) and need support or help getting past blocks? (I love life transitions and teaching how to embrace them rather than avoid them.)
  • You are lost, unclear or not sure how to move forward to where you want to be. (Let's TALK, cut the confusion and get a clear goal.)

Let's get past this!



Accessibility pricing means that you get the support you need even if you struggle financially. I have a sliding scale for those in need. Let's talk about it during our free session.