Life Coaching Resources

Free Resources – Download them here!

Life coaching resources for free! The same tools I use with clients!

Monthly Release & Invite Outline

Use this free download to see how I create a ritual of reviewing my month and setting intentions that feel good. Done for you template included. 

Redefining Ourselves & Our Vision

A process and a ritual to getting clear, diving deeper and moving forward.

Thriving Energy Workshop

Energy is the measure of good health. Do you have enough for everything you really want to do? If you feel exhausted all the time, or just don't have the energy to do what you want, this free workshop is an instant download -- that's right - instant gratification. Right here.

Self-Love through the Archetypes

How can you use the archetypes to love on yourself more? It’s a free 10 day program to discover the energies of the archetypes and step into more self-love.

Honoring our Gifts with Acts of Gratitude

30 day journey into offering acts of gratitude for the things in our lives in order to make room for more.

Free 21 Day Wholeful Living Challenge 

It takes 21 days to incorporate new habits. This challenge helps you choose your changes and offers support along the way.

99 Things To Do & TV Ain’t One


Come on, you know it. TV zaps your time and your brain. While we know there are better things for us to do, sometimes it’s hard to think of them.

Go on a TV fast and try some of these things instead.

2 Week Live the Best Life Journal Sample

free2weekjournalfbTrack everything you need for your health, in this free sample of the Journal.

5 Tasty, Easy Meals

5tastyNo dairy, no sugar, no gluten and tasty. Eating well never felt so good.

Self-Care eBook 

selfcareblockOver 20 ways to really care for you and get grounded for shift. Transformation takes energy. Slow down and nurture yourself.

ME First Self-Care Program

Is it time to really take care of you? This is a 10 part free course that is designed to run for 30 days to help you focus on you. A little you reboot.

Thriving Self-Assessment

In this free download, I offer the same tools I use with clients to see where they are thriving and where they are still surviving. Super-valuable tools for anyone to use.