Life Coaching Resources

Free Resources for your growth!

Life coaching resources for free! The same tools I use with clients!

Monthly Release & Invite Outline

Use this free download to see how I create a ritual of reviewing my month and setting intentions that feel good. Done   for you template included. 

New Moon Ceremony Library

We do a visualization and a ritual for each New Moon. Come join us live or see the library of our past ceremonies here.

Aligning with the Divine Feminine

If you feel disconnected from your feelings, your inner wisdom, or intuition, I invite you to join us to learn more about how the divine feminine can reconnect you to your knowing. This is an on-demand class you can take right now! See it now.

Inviting Archetypes into Shift

Archetypes are holding your power. Come get to know them and release your power, intuition, and unlimited growth. This is a great introduction to how I use archetypal energy. Tune in now for free.

Redefining Ourselves & Our Vision

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn the three steps (rituals in my world) that help us move past our old beliefs to step into new perspectives that support our desires, dreams, and who we are TODAY. Free to take right now. Sign in here.

Breaking Your Patterns

So much of our learning comes from recognizing our unique patterns in the different areas of our lives. Sometimes we know our patterns and just don’t know how to stop the cycle. It’s like banging our head on a wall but we just don’t see a way to stop… unless we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Start the workshop now right here.

99 Things To Do & TV Ain’t One


Come on, you know it. TV zaps your time and your brain. While we know there are better things for us to do, sometimes it’s hard to think of them.

Go on a TV fast and try some of these things instead.

Nourished at Home

Nourished at-Home Workshop where you can learn how to create an at-home retreat that brings you all the feels of being away. Get the downloads and the video right here.

Thriving Self-Assessment

In this free download, I offer the same tools I use with clients to see where they are thriving and where they are still surviving. Super-valuable tools for anyone to use.