LIVE WORKSHOP: Thriving Energy

Thriving Energy

The Keys to Unlocking Unlimited Energy


Join us for this energy-raising workshop! We'll talk about all things energy, including:

  • What happened to all our energy
  • The major causes of fatigue and fuzzy-brained thinking
  • Identifying the energy vampires that are sucking the vibrance out of your thoughts
  • Simple ways to stop feeding the vampires
  • The three essential elements to thriving energy!!

You'll even get a workbook with all the good tips and tools included! My gift to you!

If "I'm tired" feels like a consistent phrase in your vocabulary, this online workshop is being offered free as a gift from to everyone who needs to reawaken to life out of your long fatigue. Your energy is still there. We can find where it's hiding and why!

Look, I can't be the only one who has felt and spoke like a cranky-butt because of my exhaustion levels. If you are tired of showing up tired, let's talk about the causes and how to make little tweaks to give you the unlimited, joyful energy your body and spirit really want.

Energy is the measure of good health. You aren't healthy unless you have the energy for everything you want it for. Join me to find out how we find out unlimited source of energy.

August 21 at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT

It's completely free and you'll even recieve some resources to help you assess your time and energy.


I'm Christina Smith and I'll be your host!

Almost a decade ago I found myself sick and no doctors could find the reason. Add with that all the to-do lists, stress and my life was more than a hot mess, more like juggling on a tight wire that was on fire. I was not impressed. I studied health for years to become the health coach that's going to help you get your groove back and have all the energy you need.

I'll go over three main keys to energy. These three main ingredients are going to change your days! You won't want to miss this.

Sign up and I'll address any questions before or during the presentation. I hope to see you there!