Make Better Choices Replay

Thanks for registering for the Make Better Choices workshop.

In this workshop, we spoke about how we make decisions and how The Desire Map makes any decisions easier. The key is knowing how you want to feel. Once you are clear on that you can plan big goals and also use your core desired feelings for everyday choices.

Here's the video:

The exercise we did with teh 5 life areas included the below. Be sure to go back and redo it with each area and see where they line up, what feelings invigorate you, and come up with how you want to feel. Here are the areas:

LIVELIHOOD & LIFESTYLE career. money. work. home. space. style. possessions. fashion. travel. gifts. sustainability. resources. 

RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIETY romance. friendship. family. collaboration. community. causes. 

BODY & WELLNESS healing. fitness. food. rest and relaxation. mental health. sensuality. movement. 

ESSENCE & SPIRITUALITY soul. inner self. truth. intuition. faith. practices. 

CREATIVITY & LEARNING artistic and self-expression. interests. education. hobbies. 


I was also asked for the poem that I read. It's from Danielle.

You are more, Danielle LaPorte

You are more than your name you are more than your frame more than your DNA. 

You are more plenty than all that you have given birth to. And all those big big wishes! ... you are even bigger — imagine that (imagine anything) and you are more. You are gone gone gone beyond the beyond of what started This All. 

I pray you desire temples of peace and benevolent tsunamis of love, and that you realize your size in relation to this universal declaration: I desire. 

You are the core and the more ever expanding desire ... 


The Events I mentioned:

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New Moon Circles: we use our CDFs to create intentions month by month. Learn more.

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Fire Starter Sessions is where the Desire meets Passion meets Purpose. Learn more.

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