FREE EVENT: 2 Times in April

Intentional Living Masterclass

Get the clarity & inspiration you need to move into more purpose, deeper relationships, and unshakeable confidence in your life simply in just 3 steps.

In this free, one-hour training, you’ll discover the process to living life more mindfully and show up the way you've always wanted.

"Christina has a way of conveying information that's accessible and easy to digest. There is so much wisdom in her teachings.

The tools I've learned from her have helped me shift how I want to show up in my life, which has led to a more confident way of living without overthinking every action or choice.

I always feel clear about my next steps in moving toward living my best life. "

Kelly - Client

You’ll walk away with:

  • The simple 3-step process to feeling GOOD about how you show up so you can stop all that overthinking and like how you show up
  • The big ways we get in our own way so you can start making the choices that will actually get you what you want
  • The secret 3rd step we all forget about that makes us default to our old ways rather than making real shift happen
  • Plus your gift: The full blueprint to tap into your own inner wisdom and find your true intentions

My guarantee is that you'll find a new way to live so you can stop feeling stuck and find your own inner GPS that's already there.

Hello, I'm Christina

I help women build authentic confidence so they can finally really like themselves.

It starts with living with intention rather than expectations & hustle.

When we have true clarity, we see ourselves and our lives completely differently. 


That's where I come in. I help women find the truly important things to focus on and feel good about how they approach their journeys.  Together, we look at what's behind the things we want to find, that we are truly seeking... and then we align with it. 


As we mature, we gain perspective,  witness small insights that support our shift, and place intentional living in the right light.


Maybe you didn't have a lot of great role models around self-love, confidence, or how to get what you want without the hustle - no problem, I didn't either. That's why I'm inviting you to tune in so you don't have to hit all the walls I did. 


Invite shift with perspectives and tools to support you.


Be gentle with your humanness.




It’s free. And it works.

What do you want? More peace, purpose, connection, joy, fulfillment, freedom, or success?


Even if you don't know, I'll show you the easy-peasy way to use your own inner guidance.

You're going to be amazed!