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Feeling alone in business?

Sometimes the best way to move forward in your business is to grow with a group of business besties that share the same struggles and experiences. The MMS Mastermind is for you. We talk about our current struggles and share the solutions that have worked. We'll also work through important topics in marketing to ensure your marketing is a well-oiled machine ready for growth and increased profit.

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Make business & marketing simpler

The Mastermind brings together service-based entrepreneurs with a marketing coach to discuss the biggest struggles of their business and share solutions that work for them.


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We meet online for 2 hours 2x a month for six months. In those 6 months, you learn all the fundamentals of marketing, while exchanging support with other group members and finding solutions to current struggles. You'll be offered resources to cover the scheduled topics and also to support whatever topics come up and recordings of each meeting will be sent shortly after for those who could not attend live.

In between meetings, we'll have a private Facebook group for just your group where you will be able to ask questions, get feedback or celebrate your wins!

You'll also have access to a coach between meetings by email for quick questions.

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These masterminds are like coaching with a group of your favorite business owner besties. This introductory price is set to raise after the first Mastermind, so get in on it now!

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The next group is starting in March.

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About the coach:

Christina Smith is a humorous, dedicated coach helping coaches, healers, and service-based pros to create effective strategies that make their marketing simpler and more manageable.

Christina left her corporate marketing position to be a health coach, so she understand the challenges that face businesses based on services. She knows that sometimes the intangible is a little more difficult to market than a product which can be 'owned'. Her focus is breaking down the pieces into bite-sized chunks so you can make your marketing more effective… and of course simpler.

Learn more about her and our company here.


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