New Moon Circles

New Moon Circles are about setting intentions.

While many people love and celebrate the Full Moon (cause she's gorgeous and she deserves it), the New Moon is the time of beginnings. Beginnings are the perfect time to check in with ourselves and set intentions - intended feelings, actions, words, decisions.

The New Moon Circle usually consists of:

  • Opening and Welcome
  • Check in from all who choose to
  • Talk about this month's New Moon
  • Visualization to help set intentions
  • Declaring our intentions
  • Check-out

It's the perfect time to connect with others and yourself. Take a couple hours to set your intentions and take another step into a more conscious way of living and moving forward.

We have them online every month.

See the Upcoming New Moon Circles:

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Please note: this is not a circle around any specific belief system. Any and all beliefs are welcome.