New Moon March 2020

Thanks for registering for the New Moon Ceremony. Below is the recording. I suggest you have a notebook ready and are very comfortable when you do this. You can go through the ceremony for all the information and then do a ritual after to bring it all together or do it piece by piece by pausing - it's all up to you.


If you want to learn more about The Desire Map - this is your opportunity!! For April, I am offering a special 2-week daily version of The Desire Map workshop and hold onto your panties -- there's a Pay What You Want version as well. This is a one-time, 'we're all stuck in our houses' deal. I will likely never ever offer these again. Take a look at the classes with this option:

The Desire Map - starting April 6

Learn more.

The Fire Starter Sessions - Starting April 20

Learn more.

Activating Your Personal Power - Starting May 4

Learn more. 

I hope you will take advantage and join me for at least one of these.

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