Release Mindfully & Invite Intentionally

This is the same process that my clients do to keep themselves clear. While we do it every quarter, I invite you to do this as often as it feels good.


It's a 2-part process in worksheets to help you work through it.

Releasing the Past Year

Setting a New Vision & Intentions

Want to go further and get support to make all those big dreams happen?

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Hello beautiful human!

I'm Christina Smith and I'm the host of the Inviting Shift Podcast & life coach.

I became a coach to solve my own issues. I knew there had to be a better way to see myself, my relationships, and the world. I knew I wanted to do something more, be more, all while feeling truly authentic and comfortable in my own skin. I found tools - some didn't work so well and some were the keys to unlocking the gifts and inner bad-ass I was hiding.


I help women who have okay lives make them amazing. Like 'worth getting up even earlier in the morning just because you can't wait to dive into the day' good.


I help women step into authentic confidence so they can stop putting themselves down and discover the life they can truly feel awesome about. Are you ready?


Let's talk. Let's see if what I have for you fits.


More about me here.


Be gentle with your humanness.




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