Pay What You Want Events!

While you are at home, go a little deeper into your gifts, desire and power. 

I had a ton of events canceled in April due to social distancing, so I've developed something to keep me busy while offering a chance for ANYONE to join us! I want everyone to have access to the tools that have changed my life, so I am offering a Pay What You Want event. I will never do this again, so this is the time to try out one of the core courses I teach.

Only these 2-week classes during April & May!

The Desire Map - starting April 6

What do you desire? Are your everyday choices in alignment with what you truly want? How do you know? We answer all your questions on desire, feelings and how we more confidently make instant decisions that align with what our soul truly wants. Soulful goals if you will.

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The Fire Starter Sessions - Starting April 20

Have gifts you want to use and haven't figured out how yet? Want to create success on your own terms? Want to start your own fire? This is the course for you. We'll talk about your gifts, what you offer the world and some of the blocks that are getting in our way.

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Activating Your Personal Power - Starting May 4

My new course takes you further on your desire and gifts and offers tools to use to get more of your power back in relationships and challenging situations by finding all the places you are leaving it. You have a bold sovereign energy in you. This course helps you bring it out.

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Can I attend any of your classes for this price?

No. Just the 2 week formats. We go through it fast, so this can be a little challenging in normal times, but you know these aren't normal times. So this is a one-time offer.

What's different from the regular classes?

The Pay What You Want is only the live classes and the electronic versions of exercises and the book. If you want the regular class, the discount covers the fact that we don't do all the coaching in class, we have that separate. There will be more exercises and deeper learning in the group coaching session and you'll get a physical package mailed to you.

How do I get 1-1 time with you, my coach through this process?

I want to be available to everyone for at least a little customized time so I've built it in - even in the Pay What You Want. You just get different levels of attention. It's important and you can schedule your sessions at any time.

How long will the recordings be available?

The recordings will be available for at least 30 days after the class is over (possibly longer), however, I highly recommend that you make time in your calendar for this because we all know that what we wait to do often goes undone and I want you to take advantage of this.

When will your classes be offered as a Pay What You Want or half-priced again?

I can pretty confidently say never. This seemed like a crazy idea to me too, and times are crazy and my mission is to hold space for others to empower themselves. Here it is. Take advantage.

Have questions?

Email me with any questions you have and I am happy to connect.