Personal Power

You have more power than you choose to use.

And I don't mean that in a "I have power over…" way.

I mean if you knew how bright you could shine, you would stop telling yourself those awful criticisms, you would feel more worthy, and you would believe you could really handle anything - honest… even you.

Our ego ensures that we never know our own beauty and gifts. It tells us to stay small and safe and the best way to ensure that is to keep up the story that we are not enough (or maybe too much). We need to see the ego and call it out. These tools can help you do that.

Empowerment and Mindfulness are the only 2 goals of these workshops because we want to step into our power without stepping on anyone else's. This is a course that can help us live more kindly and confidently.

Imagine a woman who walks tall in her confidence and feels that she can handle every challenge that comes at her. Imagine that she had energy for everything she wanted to do because she stopped creating obligations she didn't want to commit to. Imagine if she spent time thinking about big, juicy goals and acting on them rather than overanalyzing all her choices and criticizing herself. When she walks in a room or joins a conversation, people know she's wearing a crown... even if they don't see one.

In our power programs, we talk about how to:

  • Empower our thoughts with real tools you can use to shift those negative tapes that keep playing
  • Clarify our feelings and honor them so we can begin to feel the way we want to feel
  • Shift core beliefs (yes it's possible) so that you can change any belief that no longer serves you (like not being enough)
  • What the cycle of SHIFT looks like and how we can embrace it rather than allowing it to keep hitting us like a brick
  • Understand our own patterns and why we have habits that don't serve and it's hard to start habits that would
  • Know what part of a relationship problem is yours versus what is there
  • Create and communicate boundaries that build connection and safety
  • How to speak your truth without second-guessing or even feeling fear about it

These aren't tricks. They are real-life skills to mastering your power.

When you can reign in your personal power you are able to:

  • Make confident decisions in all areas of your life
  • Create strong, loving boundaries that create connection
  • How to consistently show up like the queen that you are
  • Where we find our true power in every situation

How do you take your power back?

It's about seeing clearly. I'd love to say it's going to be easy, AND shift and change includes challenges and usually inner conflict. We're going to work through the major conflicts in group and we'll also tap into your personal challenges with your personal coaching sessions. This isn't about forcing yourself to a more powerful place. It's about rising to claim your power. It's there, we just need to find it.

Are you giving your power away?

We as women have been taught how to give our power away. We are people-pleasers, often less vocal about our desires and put ourselves last. These are three ways we give up our power. We just leave it there. My goal is for you to find all the places you leave your power and gather it up so we can expand it.

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