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Setting Heart-Centered Intentions

(or Practical Manifestation)

  • What are heart-centered intentions?
  • How do they create more self-confidence?
  • How is this different than a word of the year or goals?
  • What is the process of setting heart-centered intentions?

How We Change Habits & Invite Shift

(I literally wrote the book on it!)

  • What is the cycle of SHIFT?
  • Why changing habits is so challenging
  • What's the one thing that determines the success of shift?

The 5 c's of Authentic Self-love & Confidence

  • What is self-love?
  • What does it look like?
  • What stops us from fully loving ourselves?
  • What are the keys to stepping into more self-love?

Having the Hard Conversations

  • How do I know what I want from a challenging conversation?
  • What are some ways to approach a hard conversation that helps us be heard?
  • What are my expectations from a hard conversation?
  • What does success look like?
  • What if I don't get what I want?

How We Build Self-Confidence

  • The one question we need to ask ourselves every day
  • The tools to getting emotionally unhooked
  • Letting go of external validation
  • Daily rituals to keep us in the moment and focused on what's important

Improv conversations around:

  • Shame and it's impact on us
  • People-pleasing and creating loving, connecting boundaries
  • Being intentional & aligned
  • The challenges & beauty of midlife
  • Other topics? Just ask.

About me:

I teach women how to be human, at least that's what my clients say.

What I really teach them is how to manage the discomfort (feelings, old beliefs, & wounds) and embrace the gifts of being human (emotional resilience, unbounded creativity & rich, sweet moments), so they can show up to life exactly how they want to.

My gift is challenging women who have okay lives to make them amazing without feeling guilty or stuck.

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"Christina creates a space that isn't about solving problems or judgment which makes this online space feel safe and genuine."

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Publishable bio:

Christina Smith is a life coach specializing in confidence and self-love in midlife so that women can finally truly like themselves and how they show up for themselves and their relationships. She's helped people move through tough transitions in coaching and with her book, Inviting Shift. Her focus is on helping women to empower themselves so they can make their second half the best half by dropping the people-pleasing and perfection and stepping into desire, authenticity and joy.

Christina is also the host of The Inviting Shift Podcast - a place for midlife women to embrace their uniqueness and truth with confidence. The mission is to help women reinvent midlife so we can revolutionize how we see aging and ourselves as we age. She encourages people to be more gentle with their humanness so they can truly shine the way they choose to without gratitude lists or toxic positivity.

A little more about Christina:

Christina loves teaching and coaching around how we live more intentional and confident lives so we can feel more joy, alignment, and ease -- especially as we're aging. She’s authentic and honest (sometimes to a fault) and she can see the wisdom beneath what is said to help beautiful humans see more clearly and empower themselves to show up the way that they want.

She talks to plants and small animals, but that’s about where the Disney princess in her ends. She's also known to drop f-bombs to show she’s serious. Loves a binge - binge-watching or reading that is. She’s humorous and loves dangly earrings. Catch her late at night rather than first thing, she needs a minute to awaken - unless she’s out in the woods camping -- then she’s probably the first one up.

Her husband has been her biggest mentor in life -relationships will do that to you if they are really good. Also known for reminding people that confidence is a skill, not a natural talent, and that everyone could just be a little more gentle with their humanness.