Self-Love craves ritual: Here’s why


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Ritual helps in all areas of life.

When I was a little girl I actually liked going to church -- and not Sunday school either... like sit in the pews, sing the songs, kneel, sit, stand, prayer and even sermon.

Although organized religion isn't something I practice, I learned in my 30s how much my soul really craved something about it. I later realized it was the ritual of it... the setting of the container for one purpose or intention.

Of course, being the 'practical' person I was, I didn't make time for ritual because I didn't truly understand the power of it. I thought it was just a lot of motions people made, like a magician: Abracadabra!

It wasn't until I started attending women's circles that I truly started to understand why ritual was important.

There is a sacredness in ritual for me that says:

Be here right now, in your body and out of the stories. Focus on what is important and hold it reverent.

It gets my mind off the hot mess of thoughts and judgments, and brings me back to being a fully-grounded human.

But that's just my story. So of course, I did more digging.

Scientific American has gathered studies on ritual and how it impacts heavy emotions, sports performance, and even confidence. You can read the whole juicy article here if you value data and practicality (I see you because I am you).

The short of it is that ritual can:

  • Help stop the busy mind
  • Bring us into the present
  • Improve our confidence
  • Lessen grief
  • Bring us into our body and be more grounded

I use rituals, which I also call alignments, in my coaching as a fundamental (because they align you back to the true you, not the hot mess you).

Rituals help my clients tune back into what's most important to them. They keep them aligned to what is most important and sacred to them (which is why I often call them alignments). Rituals help us come back to the magical human part of us.

The biggest key to rituals is consistency.

Sometimes consistency can be setting a daily intention, having a gratitude ritual, high-fiving yourself in the mirror, giving yourself a pep talk.

My point is, it doesn't have to feel like church. It can be short and silly if that's your style, or serious and routine if that's you.

Try a ritual now:

Take a quiz and find a ritual you can do right now for more self-love. It will pick what you need right now, or if you know your own mind, you'll get a document to download with them all.


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