The Self-Love Experience!
+ Bonuses!

4 hours to:

Break free from self-criticism,

Uncover New Gifts,

& Reset Your Inner Connection.

Virtual In-home half-day retreat!
(with follow up tools & meetings)

Stop being your inner Critic and step into your inner Lover!

If you're looking for a way to truly love and accept yourself, but feel stuck by old stories and patterns or unable to open up to joy - this program is for you! 

What would it be like to shift from:

  • The negative talk-track in your head to be more supportive and loving?
  • Analysis paralysis and decision-anxiety to instant, intuitive choice?
  • Wanting to be invisible to feeling good about how you show up?
  • Feeling inadequate to seeing and using your gifts and magic?
  • The shaming messages saying you SHOULD be grateful or happy to supportive guidance on how you can use your gifts and magic in new ways?

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I want you to AUTHENTICALLY feel amazing about the divine being you are… no matter where you are in life or what you think is stopping you.

Don't you want that too?

Hi I'm Christina Smith and I am a recovering self-loather.

My resistance looked like this:


#1 I thought I had to be perfect to be worthy of self-love.


#2 I thought I would love myself when the circumstances were right.


#3 I had so many judgments of myself it was hard to be loving.


#4 I enjoyed comfort more than growth (and it wasn't more comfortable - just more familiar)


#5 I over-analyzed my choices (like the wrong shampoo would be the end of me).


If this sounds familiar, you aren't alone and...

We can shift these. 
You can shift these.

This Half-Day Experience is Right for You IF...

  • You are tired of wanting to be ANYONE else and comparing yourself to others.
  • You are ready to stop the Shame Spiral and get unhooked for good.
  • You want to see more of your gifts and magic so you can see why you have so much to offer the world.
  • You are ready to feel authentic love and compassion for yourself so you can share that love and compassion with those around you.
  • You are finally ready to show up as the divine being you are so you can walk your path with confidence.
  • You are tired of just being positive and ignoring the ickiness below.

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Here's what clients said about their Self-love  Experience:


"I'm much more aware of my emotions. I realized that I need to stop running away from conflict and show up and practice my intentions every day."


"Christina is excellent! She has a keen talent at individualizing all content. I will use this on a daily basis to show up with my intentions, practicing self-love."


"I trust Christina to be able to break things into manageable chunks to tackle issues or problems and make things seem easier to handle. She helps me understand myself without it feeling like a judgment, and I feel helped for real, not just talked at. "

Here's how it happens!

4 Beautiful, Loving Hours for just you!

We'll cover:


  • The 5 keys of self-love - and how to put each into practice
  • Visualizations to expand your perspective
  • Uncovering more of your gifts
  • Getting clarity on more of you and what's happening for you
  • Shifting into making more compassionate decisions that align with what you really want
  • Move forward in alignment with what you truly want... with confidence

You'll be amazed at how fast the time passes and what you'll learn about yourself!

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PLUS these bonuses to help you keep the shift going!

The Online 6-week Unlocking Authentic Self-Love Class!!
($295 value)

You'll get all the keys while learning their respective archetypal energies and visualizations to help you shift.  

The JOURNAL with 60 days of self-love mailed to your door!
($29 value)

Filled with intention setting and daily questions to help you dig deeper and take your self-love journey further!

I won't leave you hanging with optional follow-up calls!
($230 value)

I want to make sure you've made a shift so we'll follow and address the challenges that arise as a group!

Here's what others said about their Self-love  Experience:


Christina is amazing! She has a way of conveying information that's accessible and easy to digest. There is so much wisdom in her teachings. The tools I've learned from her have helped me shift how I want to show up in my life, which has led to more intentional living. I always feel clear in my next steps in moving towards living my best life. Thank you!


Effing brilliant. Thank you for all of the hard work, time, and love you put into teaching and supporting your clients. You are one of a kind! I love how real and generous you are.


Good words of wisdom. And is able to understand and clarify things that we said. This is not a didactic presentation which made the time fly. I feel more aware of where I want to go and how to do it in regard to my negative self-talk. 

Let's recap what you get with this Experience!

The Half-day experience on February 11!


The online Courseware for Unlocking Authentic Self-Love (dozens of visualizations & teachings)!


The Unlocking Self-Love Journal sent right to your door (or PO Box)!


TWO Follow up calls!

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They could find self-love and you can too!
Here's how they shifted on a scale from 1-10!

Started at 1, now at 8!!

"Christina gave me a direction. Not what to do, but what to focus on."

Started at 2, now at 8!!

I heard myself saying "I really like me. I wish there were more of me to hang out with."

Started at 4, now at 9!

"Christina teaches people what it means to be human & to embrace it."

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