Soul-Aligned Workshop Replay

If you weren’t able to join us live or you just want to rewatch the recording, the video is below. I’ve also listed out the 5 Life Areas so you can go through and look at each one with the exercise in the video.

The Video:

The Life Areas:

LIVELIHOOD & LIFESTYLE career. money. work. home. space. style. possessions. fashion. travel. gifts. sustainability. resources. 

RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIETY romance. friendship. family. collaboration. community. causes. 

BODY & WELLNESS healing. fitness. food. rest and relaxation. mental health. sensuality. movement. 

ESSENCE & SPIRITUALITY soul. inner self. truth. intuition. faith. practices. 

CREATIVITY & LEARNING artistic and self-expression. interests. education. hobbies.

The Questions:

How does it feel currently in that life area?

What pieces of that area are you grateful for or is working well?

What are some pieces of that area that are not working?

Then take a breath and go inside. Imagine that space crafted new and check in to see how that feels for you. (More details in the video – watch it!)

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