Tapping into your Intuitive Knowing

You have intuition.

Life may have beaten you out of using it, and it still lives there in your gut.

We are born with wisdom in our DNA. It's generations of wisdom built into our cells with the power of our spirit part of us.

You know, even when you don't know.

At the center of that wisdom is the Crone archetype. She holds the wisdom of the elder, the paradoxes of life and truth. If we use her wisdom, she can guide us. Unfortunately our ego struggles with her sometimes illogical wisdom and silences her.

You can learn how to tap back into your deep knowing. Lean on your inner wisdom.

Try this visualization to see what you know that you may not know you know.... or to make more intuitive decisions in your life.



Questions to journal

Sometimes we forget what we saw, so I'm offering some questions to help you recall all the details. Our wisdom is often in the details.

  • How did you feel before visualizing?
  • How did you feel after?
  • What did your garden look like today?
  • If you’ve been here before, did anything change?
  • Is there anything significant about the changes?
  • What was the Crone archetype doing when you found her?
  • What did she look like?
  • How did it feel to be connected to your wise elder energy?
  • What did you share with her?
  • What wisdom did she offer back?
  • What does that mean to you?
  • What affirmations can you create about your inner wisdom?

Our knowing is more likely to come up when we are grounded and able to connect with that inner Crone. Remember to slow down and ground to stay connected with her.


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