Website… check.

Social media set-up… check.

Email sign-up… check.


What isn’t working?

This is a common situation that people come to me with. I’ve done hundreds of strategies now and often clients have lots of pieces to the marketing, but they are missing one core piece… the plan that brings it all together.

It’s true that social media, websites, branding, email signups are all important parts of marketing. These are core pieces of your plan, but that’s all they should be.

The plan is what you want them to do and how you get them to do it. The plan is they why or the purpose behind all the other pieces. What do you want them to do and how do you want them to get there?

If you want them to sign up for coaching, you have a lay out a path for them to get there. All of your pieces – the website, the social, the emails – all point to the journey you map out for them.

Usually, the journey goes something like this:

They are attracted by your social because of something relevant you posted. They get to your website where there is a related freebie to sign up for. Then you can market them by email to your courses or programs.

Of course this is a very simple funnel, but the key is you are always telling them what to do next and only giving them one option at a time – the next option you want them to take. It’s takes focus rather than just throwing out anything to keep them clicking. The point is to get the right clicks. If they aren’t following a path you carefully planned, chances are they may be interested, but not necessarily invested. If they aren’t going to invest in what you have ultimately, they aren’t your ideal client.

You might be thinking, one path? I serve all kinds of people. I can help lots of different types of people. I know. We all can. However, we are only looking for those who are interested and willing to be invested. Those are the people who qualify. Find one specific group to market to and try it. You can always add paths, but start with one, likely the one represents your favorite clients.

Whatever the path is, make it direct. There is nothing worse than too many choices. They can often distract people into following no path rather than directing them. I’ve personally been there before where I went to buy something and there were so many choices, I ended up walking away without a purchase.

In everything you write, every piece you put together it’s always good to ask yourself why. What is the call-to-action I want them to take? Figure out how each piece of your work and content is related to your funnel and give them the next step.

People want to follow a path. Make it clear and easy.

Want to build a path but need a little assistance? Let’s chat it up. Contact me or check out my new Simplify Your Marketing packages.

The One Thing Missing in Your Marketing
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