The Wisdom and Gifts of our Crone Archetype


I say this word and women cringe.

Definition: old hag, usually thin and ugly

Interestingly enough, when it comes to archetypes, the closest archetype many psychologists relate to the crone in men is the wizard. Wizard sounds a lot more powerful, doesn't it? No negative connotation, just magical power.

I want to change your view of our Crone archetype. I'm stepping into more Crone energy and it feels like:

  • connection to myself and my wants
  • a peacefulness that youth struggles to reach
  • innate wisdom
  • knowing when to hold space rather than advise
  • trust in the universe (even after 2020)

The Crone can be magical if we allow her to be. She has gifts no other archetype can quite offer, the gifts I bet we need the most, like:

Wisdom of experience:

Nothing replaces experience except conscious experience. She’s been through a lot so there’s very little that surprises or shocks her. She knows how to handle situations because she’s stepped into patience, understanding of how the world works, life lessons. She's also grounded in the trust and understanding that she can handle anything as it comes.

Embraces aging as a cycle of nature

The Crone energy is able to embrace gifts at all ages because she understands them as a cycle of life and frankly is just grateful she gets the opportunity to age. There’s only one alternative. She embraces her gray, wrinkles and changing body. She is part of the full cycle of life and knows her value doesn't diminish over time, just gets richer.

Richness and Sweetness of life includes paradoxes

Light is not the only desire, you need darkness to know the light. Life isn’t good and bad, it just is. Birth and death are just two sides of the same coin. It is us humans that choose to put meaning and attachment to it. It's all part of nature.


She is more connected to that spiritual grounding place. Part because of experience, part out of trust in something bigger. She can touch peace more often and find the still, connected piece within her.


She’s learned to listen to her own voice and knowing rather than looking outside for advice or validation. She trusts her own voice and knowing. She is clear about the calling within her and listens to the voice even when it doesn't seem practical.


There are big gifts that we can fully uncover when we embrace the Crone energy. She wants to help us be more at home in the world and with the connection to ourselves.

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