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Welcome to the Thriving Energy Workshop.

The original recording was damaged, so I recorded in bits for you to digest in smaller segments. All of the videos and resources are below!

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Energy Vampires:

What are your energy vampires? In this video I'll talk about some of the common ones, but there are many that can pop up in our lives.

One note: I'm not sure it's completely clear in these videos, so I want to ensure you understand that all of the areas that suck the energy out of us, are also areas that can nourish us with energy. It's about whether it fulfills us or not. The goal is to have them nourish us rather than deplete us.

Worksheets: In the following videos I will refer to some of the worksheets in this packet. I highly suggest you take time to do these. They help us get super-clear on what we really want, why and how to get there. Check at the bottom of this page to set up a time with me to talk them over if want to get even clearer.

Essential 1: Physical Health

Essential 2: Personal Happiness

Essential 3: Relationships


Moving Forward: Wrap-up

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