Thriving Connection: Relationship Program

Connections include:

relationships, communication, family, personal relationships, professional relationships…

And they also include:

trust, compassion, apologies, forgiveness, empathy, vulnerability, clarity…

It's hard enough to know, understand, and care for ourselves. So when it comes to relationships, we add in another person, with all of their different experiences and perspectives, and soon our combined humanness can easily get incredibly messy. Relationships can be hard, and they can also be one of the most rewarding parts of our life. So even the most introverted people need people.

Unfortunately, though, authentic communication, non-judgemental compassion, and loving boundaries aren't skills that are taught outright to us.

We can learn how to have better relationships. The Personal Power for Relationships Coaching will teach you the fundamentals of getting the love you want, core aspects of communicating for connection, and how you can do it all authentically.

If you struggle with:

*Constant relationship drama
*Endless arguing that goes around in circles or starts about any little thing
*Finding relationships with people you are compatible with
*Being heard in a relationship
*Understanding why you can't just get along (& you might have done so swimmingly before)
*Why a relationship isn't working

I want to help.

I run a signature relationship program, but work with individuals to understand what they want, what they have, and what they can do to transform their relationships. I teach the skills for self-exploration to understand what you truly need and want, how we communicate those desires, ways we build (and break) relationships, and how to do it all while leaving the excess drama behind.

I'm your champion all the way - which means I will point out ways to get what you desire - even if it feels like a lil' tough love. Sometimes taking our power back means harder choices.

"You can have courage, or you can have comfort. You just can't have them at the same time."

Brene Brown

Be brave.

Schedule a free coaching call to see how you can step into Thriving relationships.

I want these skills to be accessible for everyone. If you have a problem with payment, I offer a sliding scale. Let's chat.

Some Topics Covered in Personal Power for Relationships Coaching:

My Signature Relationship Program

Section 1: Foundations of Love

Understanding Love
Are you addicted to Love?
Thriving Relationships

Section 2: Breaking Patterns

Are you stuck in drama
The Cycle of Drama
Rewriting and rewiring beliefs

Section 3: Communication

Basics of communication
Making Boundaries
Having difficult conversations

Section 4: Apologies & Forgiveness

The ingredients for a successful apology
What forgiveness means to us
Rebuilding trust

Section 5: Happiness & the Language of Love

What happiness is for you
Understanding Love Languages

Section 6: Creating a vision

Relationship Vision: do you match?
Sustaining love

At the end of this 12-week session, you'll understand what you truly want out of your connections, how you fit the part of your vision, how to communicate to deepen relationships, and how to step into thriving connections.

It all starts with scheduling a free call now!

Accessibility pricing means that you get the support you need even if you struggle financially. I have a sliding scale for those in need. Let's talk about it during our free session.