Thriving Health Coach

Thriving Health Coaching focus on:

Feeling fan-freaking-tastic

The underlying problems in our thinking that keep us unhealthy

Simple, fun ways you can actually implement small changes and stay motivated!

The group program starts September 18!


If making changes for a healthier you seem intimidating or restrictive, I want to talk to you. I began as a health coach believing I just needed more discipline in order to be my healthiest. I quickly realized forced, rigid changes were stressful and short-term and sucking the life out of me.


What good is health if you are miserable?

Health should be about how we feel physically and mentally. The mind and body work together to bring out our best health. So we'll talk about food and movement, but we'll also talk about how we think about health and what it means to you individually.

Is this you?

  • Tired, lacking energy and feeling overwhelmed often?
  • Maybe your exhaustion is also causing a bad attitude or irritability?
  • Not feeling comfortable in your own body?
  • Struggle to make healthy habits stick?
  • Feel incapable of keeping commitments to yourself or putting your health last?
  • Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning?

I help people like you:

  • Find the source of their energy vampires (and angels)
  • Discover ways to implement healthy changes that compliment theirs goals, lifestyle and interests
  • Learn the essentials of health and tools to use to track and implement good habits
  • Achieve health goals in 90 day increments so every milestone celebration is right around the corner
  • Uncover natural health with the resources that are locally available to you (I won't sell or recommend any specific health products. Health can be achieved anywhere with any budget.)

In this Group Program we'll focus on unlimited energy and talk about:

  • Energy Vampires: what they are and how we manage them so they don't impact our energy levels.
  • The essentials to the energetic fountain of youth.
  • How our mental health impacts our energy and how to get more clarity.
  • Ways we motivate and inspire ourselves to make desired changes in our life without dramatic inner conflict.
  • Support for the whole cycle: Implementing habits, identifying the blocks we come across, and how to manage these blocks in a way that inspires us rather than drains us.
  • Moving in life with more grace, clarity and desire so getting up in the morning is something you look forward to -- not a to-do list of energy-suckers.
  • Feeling good about your body and even oodles of joy because of it

Thriving Health Group Coaching Program

Starting September 18!
  • Small groups of 4-6
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly assignments to learn about health
  • Weekly coaching videos (see topics below)
  • Access to me via email during the entire program and afterwards
  • 3 Individual Check-in Sessions (20 minutes)
  • Private Facebook group for members to communicate, encourage and support each other and ask the coach questions.

Sign up before August 28 and your three private calls are upgraded! You choose full 1 hour sessions or double the three to six 20-minute sessions! 

Free call

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Pay in Full:

Offered at $367

Payment Plan

3 payments of $125

Health should be accessible for everyone. If you have a problem with payment, I offer a sliding scale. Let's chat.

The topics covered in Thriving Health Coaching Programs

Section 1: Assessment & Goals

Where you are now
What you truly want
Why you want what you truly want

Section 2: Finding the Way to Health

What healthy means to you
Tracking, learning and celebrating
Neuro-linguistic Programming for health (NLP)

Section 3: Fundamentals of Health

The role of food
The essentials of health
Where to focus for your individual health

Section 4: Planning and Prep

How we visualize and manifest change
Setting yourself up for success
Mindfulness & conscious choices

Section 5: Busting the Blocks

What blocks looks like
The different ways to deal with blocks
Managing emotional blocks

Section 6: Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

Rewriting our stories about habits & health
How we tap into our inner wisdom
Stress: the biggest detractor from success

Thriving health means unlimited energy!

Thriving Health is about having all the energy you need. It's a 12 week Group Program for jumping back into health.

It's about:

  • Gaining control of our time, energy and health
  • Feeling joyful about our bodies
  • Connecting with women in a confidential space to talk about real health
  • Being confident that you know how to care for your health, AND your family's health

Sign up to talk to me or purchase it now!

Free call

Before or after you sign up, I want to chat!

Pay in Full:

Offered at $367

Payment Plan

3 payments of $125

Sign up before August 28 and your three private calls are upgraded! You choose full 1 hour sessions or double the three to six 20-minute sessions! 

Rather have a Private Coaching Program?

It's here.

  • 12 weekly one-on-one coaching calls
  • Weekly assignments to apply towards your goals
  • Weekly coaching videos so our calls can be laser-focused on application
  • Access to me any time via email
  • Free access to one group coaching session during or after the 1-1 sessions
    (you can use this to keep the momentum)
  • Private Facebook group for those in Thriving Health Coaching
  • Workbook built week over week is a permanent resource you will have forever

Offered at $897 or 3 monthly payments of $299

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