Thriving Personal Development

Most of us feel like we are in survival mode - long after the need to be.

If you are reading this, chances are lions aren't chasing you, you have enough to eat and likely a safe place to lay your head. There is no reason not to thrive. When you work with me, you might find yourself arranging what you think you need, what you really want, and {yes!} even getting it all.

I was in survival mode forever. I didn't enjoy the wonderful things I had in my life because I was too busy doing all of the things I thought I had to in order to keep everything balanced. I was tired and depressed with life.

So I became a certified coach, read book after book, reviewed scientific studies, took courses, and earned several certifications on happiness, relationships, communication, personal development, hope, thriving, dreaming, desire, passion, nourishing the body and spirit, and so much more. What I really learned is that we are what we perceive ourselves to be and sadly too often we choose to see ourselves in struggle and survival.

Let's find the thriving... the most passionate perception of you. One that lights you on fire and has you swaggering with gratitude and confidence.


Programs & Workshop Series:

Approach your power from the empowered feminine. (Signature Programs!)

Embrace more clarity, focus, inner wisdom, and self-love...

Join us for an intro class, an in-depth workshop, or a 6-month program to connect with, embrace and master your archetypal energies and personal power skills.

Free Monthly New Moon Circle

Release what you don't need. Invite what you do.

Join us for a New Moon Circle and monthly workbook to let go of what they don't need and set new intentions. Connection, mindfulness, ritual and focus.

Need some clarity on where you are...

and where you want to go?

Free & Clear is a program to help you review what's working, what's not, and mind-blowing clarity on where you are right now so you can be more clear on where you want to go.

Uncover your innermost desires

And use them as a compass to get more of what you want.

The Desire Map is a life-plan that starts in the heart so you will end up getting more of what your heart wants.

Got a big idea or inspiration, or need one?

Light a match and get the inspiration you need.

Fire Starter Sessions is based on the best-selling Danielle LaPorte, to help you uncover your passion and inspire yourself to create more and do more of what you love.

Don't know where to start?

Let's chat. Schedule an appointment below, or if you have a quick question, you can email me here.