I have a phenomenally creative client that sends me lists of ideas each week. I collect them and organize them on our online notebook and we discuss each briefly on our weekly call. We talk about where they fit in, prioritize them and organize them. We’ve probably covered hundreds of ideas in just the past few months.

It’s a challenge that many entrepreneurs have when they step into the marketing world especially. There are so many ways to get out in front of people and tools to get them in your funnel that it can be confusing on where to start. If marketing wasn’t a prior career life for you, this can be frustrating and you could be missing essential pieces while those ideas keep flowing.

Ideas are essential.
Ideas are what keeps us motivated.
Ideas can also be overwhelming.

So what can we do with all these ideas? Well, it really depends what all those ideas are about, but here’s some questions I ask myself or my clients when we talk huge lists of ideas.

Is this what my audience wants?
Sometimes we think about what we’d like to provide, but don’t think of the value to the people who are meant to consume it. Be sure what you want to offer and what you clients want are the same before it’s even worth investing time in.

Is my audience ready for this or does something else need to be done first?
If I am publishing 100 blog posts, but have not set up social media or even a sign-up of some kind, it’s all missing the point of getting people into your funnel. Plus you could be putting out content no one is interested in and you won’t know until you get people there and all this content could be in vain. Listen first, then write.

How are these new ideas related to other ideas on our list?
Sometimes the new ideas are either clearer pictures of previous ideas, a different twist or could be something new completely. It’s important to know where the new idea belongs.

Is this taking me off task or improving what I am currently doing?
For example, if I am struggling to produce content for social media, adding an additional task probably wouldn’t be helpful until I find a way to improve my process first.

How can I incorporate that into what we are doing?
We see if what we are doing allows for the idea to naturally blend in or if it is something completely different than what we already have planned. If it’s completely new – it goes to a whole new bucket that will be discusses as new projects are, not as we are in deep into another project.

Is it something that can be hired out cheaply?
Some ideas can get done without your effort if you can afford to hire them out. This could quickly help that idea rise on the list and even get accomplished by delegating.

Does this idea go along with my mission statement?
When building a business, the mission statement (see here) should be driving the focus on the ideas. If your idea doesn’t match your mission, hold off on it.

How important is this idea?
This helps us prioritize. If this idea is going to revolutionize your business, especially if you weren’t thrilled with your business before, then give it some great thought and see how you can incorporate this new idea. If it’s just one of millions, put it on the back-burner.

Final thoughts:

Ideas don’t have to be overwhelming. They are a sign of creativity and passion. These are awesome qualities to have as an entrepreneur. They keep us thirsty for more. We just can’t let them dehydrate us either.

Have too many ideas and don’t know where to start? Let’s sit down and have a quick chat and clarify some of it for you. Contact me or ask me a question.

Too many damn ideas?
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