Using Our Sovereign Archetype with Anxiety

When we are anxious or depressed, we usually feel like we’ve lost our power, our gusto and sometimes even our sanity. There may be many archetypes that can be creating anxiety depending on what’s happening in our lives and in the stories we started many years ago. However, there is one archetype that needs to take the reins and lead all the others.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign Archetype is always the first place to start when we’ve lost our power. The Sovereign’s gifts can reground us in our truth. Some of those gifts are:

  • The Benevolent Visionary is always looking to craft the best path for the whole of our selves.
  • The Giver and Receiver of Blessings means that she communicates from her highest power to others’ highest powers. She seeks to see and bless the gifts and beauty in others.
  • The Fair and Confident Leader knows what is the Sovereign’s job and what she is best to delegate to others. She listens and is fair.
  • The Solid Decision-maker of the Sovereign taps into their inner wisdom and gets advice from other archetypes like the Wise Elder, the Lover, the Warrior and more depending on what wisdom she needs. She then is able to make a solid decision from her intuition.
  • The Loving and Strong Communicator is a quality the Sovereign receives so much respect for possessing. S/he is able to speak to people with a balance of Lover energy and Warrior energy so she can make strong boundaries and communicate them lovingly.

These are the biggest gifts of the Sovereign. They lead all the others and can tap into each of their gifts, wisdom and power when s/he needs.

You have an inner Sovereign.

You may not know it, or you may have never even thought of it, but you have an awesome Sovereign inside of you.  Even if you don’t remember ever having that feeling, it’s in you. You have the power to be your best you – whether you decide to wear a crown or not.

Do you struggle making confident decisions?

That’s the Sovereign Archetype when she is lacking trust in his/her power. S/he has power and can easily forget it if we’ve never explored it fully or consciously stepped into it. This is not your fault. We were often told to act against our own inner wisdom when we were growing up in order to conform to the standard. When we strengthen our Sovereign’s power, we also create a clear connection to our inner wisdom and intuition.

Do you struggle with leadership, or even getting support?

We all have leadership inside of us. Some allow it out more than others, and we are all leaders in different areas – but we all have the ability to lead – even if we use it purely for our children. If you struggle with delegating or feeling overly responsible, you are missing your power. Your schedule, your choices and actions are all determined by you. Start making the choices that take you there.

Are you taking awesome care of your body, mind and spirit?

The Sovereign assures these things are done. S/he is finely dressed and shows up refreshed, abundant and energized.  S/he ensures that s/he is doing the things to best care for her complete health to best rule the kingdom and serve subjects. S/he knows what is best for their people is a healthy and clear leader which is best achieved with a vibrant, clear ruler.


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