Many entrepreneurs are struggling with the new Facebook algorithm and it’s no wonder. On average, Facebook is showing about 6% of your fans your posts which is even half what we were seeing at the end of last year.

So what to do?

Play the way Facebook wants you to — and not just for Facebook’s sake, but for your own. You see, you and Facebook actually want the same thing – people to engage. When people engage they are more likely to become fans and champions of your brand. You just have to connect and form relationships.

Instead of thinking of Facebook as a billboard where you post and run, start looking at it as a networking party where you want to meet people and get to know them. Just like in local, face-to-face business, you often have to build relationships and connections. You have to spend time with people in order for them to keep you top of mind.

So I want to invite you to try these activities every day for 2 weeks. It’s not hard, it is just connecting and building relationships.

Interact with your followers and all of your commenters

  • Go to their pages
  • Leave comments on their pages
  • Share their posts
  • Direct message for private feedback and connection


Interact with Influencers

  • Make a list of the influencers in your industry
  • Go to their pages
  • Like and leave comments
  • Share their posts
  • Direct message for connection and feedback


Find Collaborators

Find people who have a similar audience but don’t necessarily do what you do and promote each other. You can try just sharing at first to see if they reciprocate, but usually you have to reach out to them. Just make sure you have liked their posts and engaged some so you come up on their radar first – not just a cold-call or it may seem like a one-way opportunity.

  • Like collaborators pages & posts
  • Engage with them
  • Share their posts/events/promos
  • Seek reciprocation

If they don’t want to reciprocate, then move on. Find other collaborators or peers that want to support each other. You can even start a little group of you that do so.


Go try these for two weeks and see if it doesn’t change some of your engagement. Remember, social media is about connections and relationships – just like business. Unless you have a ton of money and resources to put into marketing expensive campaigns, the best way to use social media is as a networking tool to build relationships. It’s those relationships that really set you apart from the others who offer similar products or services.

Ways to Build Relationship and Engagement on Facebook

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