So many times when people come to me with their projects like websites, they might expect me to ask about their goals but are quite surprised when I ask them their why. Why do I care what their why is?

why-squared-1Your why says a lot about you. It says a lot about your audience, your branding, your message, etc. This is essential from day one or you can become side-tracked like many entrepreneurs do and forget your overall purpose. You can become an entrepreneur looking for more freedom but feel even more tied down than before.  We need focus.

Sure your vision board is a place to start, but the more essential piece is the feeling you expect to feel when you have the things on that board. It’s something Danielle LaPorte calls “core desired feelings”. We all want certain things or want to accomplish certain goals because we expect to feel a certain way when we get there. When we can figure that out, then we know our real why.

Even better, Danielle LaPorte offers that we can’t really lose if we aim to feel those feelings every day. We don’t have to wait for the goal in order to feel how we desire to, we can do little things that spark bits of that feeling any time we choose. If we want to feel creative, we can be creative at any part of our business to enjoy it more. If we want to feel freedom, we ensure we include activities in our day or week that inspire that feeling.

What’s more, your business can reflect those feelings for you so you enjoy marketing it and talking to people about it. If your business feels like your why, it won’t feel like work. It will feel how you design it to feel.

I dive deep to ensure that we are creating what not only your clients see, but what will inspire you in times to come. I want to see your goals, your reasons and what core feelings that drive you. It’s important.

Want to study up before chatting about goals and feelings with me? Here’s some questions I am likely to ask:

  • What’s the overall dream? What do you see as the ultimate lifestyle for yourself?
  • Why? And how would that make you feel?
  • What long-term goals (10+ years) do you have? Why? Feelings?
  • What goals for the next 3-9 years? Why? Feelings?
  • What short-term goals (up to 3 years) do you have? Why?
  • What is your mission statement? (Learn more here.)

Most of my clients actually appreciate the focused time to really take a look at these. They can help zero someone into what is really important to them. It seems like a practice we’re always told to do, but don’t actually do. So take a moment to try it yourself and get down to the feelings that you will feel when people are delighted by your services and business is successful. What is underneath the ‘happy’? Can you be more specific? What does that feeling feel like in your body?

If you’re struggling to get to the feeling or your mission statement, contact me and let’s get you clear. Contact me below.

And I don’t force this conversation- however, many people have benefit from it.






What is your true why? (& why knowing it is important from day 1)
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