What Manifesting Means to Me & How We Do It

We can't control our goal but we can control how we show up to it.

For those of you who know me or have been around for a while, you know I side with science. So when I first was told about manifesting, I thought what is this craziness? Are these people telling me I just have to think about a pile of money and it will land in my lap?

While there are some that profess this, I've never had it happen to me.

But here's why I've changed my mind about manifesting.

It's actually psychology… well when you match it with a little bit of focused action. That's why we focus on manifesting (in the most science-proven, practical ways) in my signature coaching program, Confident, Connected & Impactful.

Here's a quick overview:

Here's how manifesting (in my world goes):

#1 Set an intention.

An intention is not a goal. A goal is an outside vision of what it will look like. The intention is about how you are going to show up to it. It's quite simple. The intention is best based on what we want to feel when the goal is achieved. What we put in, we get out.

So if you want to have the dream family vacation, we envision it and then ask ourselves how we would feel. Then we show up in alignment with how we want to feel. If I want it to be exciting, I have to show up excited.

#2 Align all your choices, actions, and words with your intention.

What you'll realize real quick is that you spend your days in conflict with your intention and that some of your default choices are not going to get you what you want, so you'll need to make new choices in alignment with what you actually want.

So if you want to feel connected during that family vacation - that might mean choosing not to judge, compromising, making choices to connect, or some other actions you might not always choose naturally.

#3 Celebrate all the successes.

The way to attract more success is by acknowledging how awesome you succeeded before. So celebrate all the ways you show up in alignment and the Universe rewards you.

Remember that if it doesn't show up the way you want it to, you still showed up the way you wanted to so that is still a success. It's about what you control - which is your intention -- not the goal that can be impacted by so many outside factors.

If you didn't show up the way you wanted to, we can look at that as a learning moment so we can make a different choice next time.

It is just about that simple.

But if you need more...


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