Your website is like your first impression outfit. However they first meet you, when they go to your website, the imagery, the content and the voice of that content is creating their first impressions of who you are or what your business is about. They are judging whether they can trust you, they like what you have to offer, and whether it applies to them. So whether you think branding and content is important – it’s what you and your skill set is being judged on.

Even if you are woo-woo or an alternative healer, people will still expect to see a website that is organized and speaks to who your audience is. I’m not talking fancy graphics, sliders and animations – I’m talking content that shows your customer that you know all about them and the problems they struggle with. You get it – and more importantly – you have the solution. The trick is knowing your audience so well that you know how they want to be spoken to. You know how it feels for them and address it on a SPECIFIC level.

The biggest struggle

What I’ve found by talking to entrepreneurs and looking at their sites is that they try to cast a net that is too wide in order to catch anyone. Trying to market to the general public as one general audience is often the biggest mistake. By not being specific and speaking directly to one type of person, you actually end up with no catch at all. So stop trying to catch everyone and only focus on those who could get the most benefit from your support and who YOU most want to work with. This will make your marketing, your website and all future copy so much easier to write and personalize.

What to do about it

Start looking at big influencers in your market. They don’t have to sell the exact same thing, just share a common audience you want to speak to. Look at their branding, their website content and layout. Find the pieces that pull it all together and start looking at how you could incorporate more elements that will attract your crowd. Mind you, I am not saying to copy their site (that’s illegal) but take a look and see how they relate to their audience. What type of tone do they use? What colors and layout do they use? What is the offer or the value on their home page of their site?

Do this for several people or businesses and you’ll start seeing what feels good to you and what tone sits best with your personality and what people want to hear and how.

Marketers do a lot of research first. They pin down their ideal customers and work at focusing on a narrow niche until they grow big enough to incorporate more. Focus and then widen the net as you master one.

Colors, font, but more importantly content tone and voice and imagery have a huge impact on how someone sees your site and envisions your business at first look. Make it good and make it call them to do more than just look.

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Who is your website speaking to?
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