Recently, I decided that 2017 would be the year I had a free conversation with 100 service-based professionals, coaches and healers and offer a free high-level strategy with 3 detailed pieces they can enact now. And I got a bunch of flack for it.

I can hear you now: But Christina, you talk about getting what you are worth. Isn’t your time worth something?

Yes, it certainly is worth more than free, but here’s the many reasons I have decided to do it.

1. I get to know my audience very well.

I go to the places I normally go and offer it. This means that most are coming from my list and haven’t moved or stepped up to take the next step. This helps me learn more about who they are and what is preventing them from moving forward. I get to know what their struggles are from their point of view rather than assuming my solution is their answer. I get to know so much about their business.

2. I’m networking.

The will remember that I offered them help and value and pass that on to someone else they know. I’ve found most of my audience is actually connected and often that is from referrals – the best form of marketing available.

3. I love strategizing.

As much as I love the creative work and carrying out the tactics of a plan, sometimes as a marketing mentor, I can get so deep into someone’s marketing, I like to take a break and strategize with people about new plans. It helps them as they haven’t invested in anyone to help long-term and I get out of my projects and come back to them with a fresh big picture view again.

4. Most importantly – I really love the helping part.

There’s tons of coaches, healer and entrepreneurs that just need a direction and a little marketing understanding to get them started. I like to provide that when I can. I want people to go for the dream, work towards the dream and in order to do that, they like to know that there is a clear path – which there always is. I want to help as many people as possible, and this is part of it.

I’ve done about 20 now and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE meeting these people that are impacting the world in beautiful and amazing ways. There have been hundreds of a-ha’s right on the call before I even write the report for them. I get that it isn’t making me money, and that maybe it is devaluing my services a bit, but I am following my mission which is to help service-based entrepreneurs get their message out and make positive impact on millions through my clients. So the more people I help, the more they can help.

In short, I’m healing the world through my gifts which are helping others shift people’s awareness for the better.

Want to be on of the 100 I’m giving away this year? Contact me and I’ll put you on the list.

Why I Give Services Away
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