We all know that in order to be successful with social media, you have to keep your posting consistent. You have to show up – often everyday on many social media platforms in order to keep up consistent growth.

But growth doesn’t always happen and then people ask me why. So I look at their social feed and usually one thing is consistent.

They are using social media like a billboard off the highway.

They are shouting at people and not getting into a conversation and it’s often all about them. “Here’s what I do!” “Buy me!” “My special offer…” “My program!”

The forget one thing about social media – that it is SOCIAL. This means interaction. This means conversation and communication down a two-way street. Social media isn’t about monologuing, it is about connection. If you aren’t willing to reach out and connect with people on your feeds and theirs, you are just media.

Social media is about offering value and support. It’s a wooing game. Social media is enticing them to learn more about you – not go direct to the offer. No one likes to go to a party just to be pinned down to give someone money. Look at social media like that. Ask yourself what’s in it for them to entice them.

Ways to be social:

  • Answer every comment on your post.
  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Offer 10x as much value as you do sales and what you want
  • Go to groups and answer questions related to your niche and content
  • Ask for feedback
  • Tag people into a conversation to ensure they see it

This doesn’t have to take all your time but remember you can’t just set up your content and completely forget about it. You have to get it out there in a way people want to see it and usually that is with no strings attached, one to one conversation. Connect with people, offer value and they will organically start looking out for you and what you offer.

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Why Your Social Media isn’t Growing

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