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Hello Women!

Thanks for joining my talk on Saturday about Identifying and Breaking Relationship Patterns. Below is the workbook and some additional information about me. Please feel free to connect with me. I’d love to stay in touch.

Workbook here.

A few notes I wanted to make in case they weren’t clear:

In regards to whose problem is it anyway. Once you know whose problem (or power) it is, know that it is up to that person to decide what to do about it. It is their trigger, emotion, or feeling of powerlessness that needs to be addressed. It may turn out that nothing needs to change – perhaps there was just clarity needed around what was happening in the situation and that is enough. Other times there may be things that they want to be changed or to make boundaries. The gist I’m trying to get to: when we know whose problem it is, that person has power. That’s how we change patterns.

Patterns are convoluted – especially those we’ve been running for a long time. Chances are both parties in the relationship have pieces or emotions to own. It can take some time to untangle which parts are whose. Patience and lots of breaths sisters.

Things women asked about:

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Inviting Shift: A Guide to Embracing Transformation is here.

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